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U.S. companies today are faced with year after year cost reductions from their customers. Even small manufacturers are facing aggressive competition from overseas. To remain competitive, companies are looking to for outsourcing opportunities to reduce their component costs while maintaining their core business in their current facilities.


IG Global Sourcing with alliances in the USA, Suzhou, China, and Odawara, Japan provide the infrastructure and experience to simplify the initial transition and facilitate the outsourcing of manufactured products worldwide. Many companies do not want or cannot create increased personnel costs in staffing outsourcing operations. IG Global Sourcing eliminates the need for these additional staffing costs while allowing companies to benefit from offshore suppliers.

Services Provided:

• Warehousing

• Freight and Shipping

• Order Fulfillment

• Prototypes

• Retail Products

• Site Selection

• Project Management

• Source Selection

• Engineering Coordination

• Quality Assurance and Inspection

• Logistical Management

• Contract and Price Negotiations

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